Barb Baby Hair Slayer Kit

Barb Baby Hair Slayer Kit

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We curated this Barb Baby Hair Slayer Kit to assist you in sculpting your baby hair and holding them in place for a flawless install.  This kit includes the Lay & Stay Foam (3.4oz) that is great for travel, Barbie Slay Band and a Baby Edge Slayer!

Lay & Stay Foam

As a Barb you want to lay those edges with no worries. Lay and stay foam helps sculpt and mold your baby hairs, define your curls, create waves and minimize frizz.

Barbie Slay Band

This slay band will lay/set your edges while still being a fashionista!

Barbie Slay Band allows you to get a good night's rest and keep those edge laid with no hair worries!

These Barbie Slay Bands are perfect for those of us who want to tie down your hair to set or maintain edges.

*Hand Wash Band Only

Baby Edge Slayer
(1) Single Light Pink Dual Edge Brush and Comb